Monday, October 19, 2009

OU/TX weekend

First of all, let me say that we had a great weekend spending time with family! James and Kami came in from Nashville and spent the weekend with us as well as Aaron's parents and brother Jared. On Friday night, Aaron grilled out bacon-wrapped shrimp and chicken...yumm. Then, Saturday we got up eaaarrrlllyyyy to head out to the Cotton Bowl. Mimi and Pawpaw gave us their tickets to the game (thanks!) and stayed with the boys so we could all go to the game!
Sooner fans only!
We got there early enough to see the players come in the bus. We saw Stoops and Bradford up-close which was pretty exciting that I didn't think to take any pictures. Then we headed over to Game Day and then into the Cotton Bowl.
Thoughts on the game...
Ugghhh... another loss. 3 to be exact. I guess that is what happens when you don't play scrub non-conference teams and lose your Heisman quarterback. Back to the game...Our defense played awesome the first half! I was kind of shocked. Almost as shocked at how poor Texas, or should I say Colt, played. When Sam went out, Aaron and I looked at each other and knew this game was probably over! At the end, Texas pretty much handed the game over to us and even then our mediocre back-up quarterback couldn't win it for us. If only Sam could have played that game.
Alright, I'm over it!
We spent the rest of Saturday resting up. Sunday was spent worshipping and then lunch with my family. This morning the Yasko's left and I have spent today doing my usual Monday-laundry, cleaning, catching up on shows, etc. Anyways, I can't believe how fast this fall is moving right along! Halloween is in less than two weeks, and before you know it my baby will be turning 3! Okay, he isn't my baby anymore, but as long as he is wearing diapers I can call him that right?! Yes, he still wears diapers...I can spend a whole 'nother blog on that subject. Anyways, enjoy your fall, because it will be Christmas before we know it!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fair Day 09

Here is the pictures from our fair day a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE the fair and so do the kiddos!

Didn't get a picture of Cohen, but he enjoyed the fair too! Can't wait till next year. OU/TX post to follow!

Friday, October 9, 2009

4 Months!

Cohen is getting so big, as you can see! He just found his feet a couple days ago and is rolling to his side, but as yet to roll over. He also has a big lump on his bottom gums, and it looks like he is working on two teeth! We go to the Dr. next week, so I don't know his weight and height. I am assuming we will start cereal next week. He loves for Noah to talk to him and is constantly smiling and laughing! He had his first visit to the Sate Fair on Wednesday. Stay tuned for some pics! Happy Friday!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

First, I just had to get a picture of the two boys in their matching jammies from Mimi. Is is obvious that they are watching Curious George? Noah already has Cohen hooked! ;)

With the cousins at the Rockwall Pumpkin Patch...

Another picture!

Well, hopefully the rain will stay away on Wednesday, because we are planning on going to the fair that day. We will see! Even with the rain the cooler weather has been so nice! Happy Fall!