Tuesday, October 28, 2008

100th Post!

Well, I finally made it to 100 posts...yay me!
This might be kind of a random post...been meaning to post but haven't found the time. I will start with the last fair trip we took with Daddy and later met up with the cousins...

Future Farmer

He naturally was drawn to the 'Stang...just like his Daddy ;)

On the Carousel...he loooved this!
Me and Rylie...who is walking all over the place now!
Next, is the preschool carnival! For Halloween, Noah is a scarecrow! My mom and I made the costume. His cousins are the rest of the Wizard of Oz.
Noah and the Tin Man, Emma
Of course he won't wear his adorable hat!

Noah and his friend, Savannah.
I will get better pics of Noah's costume and the whole cast Friday night!
Noah is 23 months! You know what that means....one month away from the BIG 2nd Birthday!

He loves to play outside!

My BIG boy!
He is such a talker! He gets that from his Daddy :)
He is Mr. Active and is everywhere!
He loves to play with cars, boats, airplanes (airmanes).
He is fascinated with the moon, stars, sun and anything outside!
He can throw the football across the room!
Which reminds me...he is definitely a lefty!
He has an opinion about food now...not fun!
He loves going to preschool and playing with his friends.
However, he does not like naptime at preschool...he rarely sleeps for them! oops

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sneek Peek

Christmas card finalist.

Another Christmas card finalist.

My big 23 month old (tomorrow)!

We just had to do some in the jersey.

It has been awhile since just us two have had our pic made together...I guess since our wedding!
Future quarterback...
He is big into copying everything...as you can see.

Noah's consult with ECI went great! He is going to start seeing a physical therapist anywhere from one to four times a month. That has yet to be determined. She will come out to the house and basically gives us ways to help improve his muscle tone. Nothing too tough on him, which is great! They also checked him out in all areas developmentally and he passed with flying colors...even ahead in some areas! God is truly blessing our little family right now!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Friday!!!

Noah got his haircut!

Today, we had our annual family picture taken. Along with that,we had some of just Noah for his TWO year pictures! (a month early). We thought he needed a big boy hair cut for the photo shoot! Can't wait to see them because Noah did SO well for them. He's like a little model when the camera comes out! The Marketing Dept. at Aaron's work gave everyone a free photo session as an early Christmas present. Since Aaron use to work closely with the photographer she spent extra time shooting some pics of Noah in different outfits. The weather was perfect for an outside photo shoot! Can't wait to show all of you!

Later this afternoon we are meeting with ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) to check out Noah's leg. Since, he has been a walker he has a dragged one foot, so I asked the pediatrician a couple of weeks ago what we should do. She checked him out and said that the right side of his body is a mildly delayed. Meaning that his muscle tone isn't as strong as his left side. she said it was common with premature babies, and to give ECI a call and they will come out to the house and assess what needs to be done. More than likely he will see a physical therapist to help get his right side back on track. The Dr. said that by the time he's off to school everything should be perfectly normal. Pray for a good consultation today and that the therapy won't be too hard on little Noah!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Streak is Over....

and I am not talking about OU's winning streak this season. I have been an OU fan since 2002 (since dating Aaron) and have attended around 12 OU games since then. EVERY game I have attended they have won! Aaron thought I was his good luck charm. Now he has no use for me, so he says...jk.

Yes, OU lost. Yes, it was disappointing. Yes, it was a good game. Yes, the experience of the OU/Texas game is still awesome!

We had a lot of fun despite the Longhorn's (boo) victory! We got to spend some time with Aaron's parents, eat some a Fletcher's corn dog, and see Kirk Herbstreet up close (yes!)! All and all there is nothing like the Red River Rivalry at the State Fair! Here are some pics...

Me, Kim, and Aaron soaking up the atmosphere.

with the Bryan's, whose day got increasingly better :)

This was my second year to go to the OU/Texas game and definitely not my last!

Later that evening the Bryan's came over as well as the Wester's. We debated on whether we would let the Bryan's in, but after all you can still be friends...see below. It was a blast hanging out and was a nice end to a day filled with ups and downs :)

Sunday got increasingly better since we learned OU was ranked #4! Who knows...maybe there will be a rematch in the National Championship game.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fun-Filled Fair Day!

Whoo-hoo for the fair! The State Fair of Texas is one of the reasons why fall is my favorite season. The food, exhibits, rides are something I always look forward to! Noah and I went with my mom, sis, and the girls on Rockwall day this past Wednesday and had so much fun!

We definitely tried the chicken fried bacon and it was delicious! Noah even liked it!

Noah with his Lizzy feeding the "gaf"

All the cousins

Noah on his first ride! I couldn't really tell if he liked it or not. He had his hand in him mouth the whole time. I on the other hand look like Joe Fox in You've Got Mail...

Madison and Emma on a ride I am sure I wouldn't have done if I were their ages!

Noah loved sitting in the cars

So tired from a looong day!