Monday, December 29, 2008

An Ellis Christmas

We had a very Merry Christmas! It was very relaxing, low-key and pretty much all about spending time with family. We spent Christmas Eve (my birthday) with my family and hit up the usual eating place...The Cheesecake Factory. We then spent the rest of the day opening presents, eating more food, and looking at Christmas lights. Noah was kind of puny all day. He had a cough and is cutting two of which is a big fat molar. So he really wasn't in the best of spirits which is kind of a bummer when that happens around Christmas. Aaron's parents came in town for Christmas Day and we mainly just hung out and watched Noah play with all of his new toys. Since their trip was a little last minute, I hadn't been to the grocery store and we didn't have anything to eat for dinner..uh-oh! We decided to head out to see what all was open and if we had to eat at Denny's then there was always that option! Thank God TGI Fridays was open and we had a lovely Christmas dinner there! Anyways, here some pictures:

Poor little Noah...he perked up once some presents were put in front of him!

Little Miss Rylie with some presents...

Madison showing off her presents...

Emma showing off her present from us...

Noah opening presents...

Noah with one of his favorite presents...his "Elmo shoes".

Noah with his Little People Airport...what Santa brought him! Notice he is not in his Christmas PJ's...Let's just say he coughed a little too hard on the way home from my parent's and got them dirty. Poor baby. And poor Dada, I was no help in the car and he had to clean it all up! Throw up + Pregnancy = NO help whatsoever!

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas....

Love, Noah!

and Chester, too!

I like posing for the camera!

the infamous "cheesy grin"

red and white striped Christmas pj's...we just can't have it any other way

I just love this little sweater on him

wearing their "yee-haws" as Noah says...

Not a big fan of Santa...maybe next year!

whew, it sure is hard to get a cousin pic these days!
Hope everyone has a blessed Christmas, wherever you are celebrating!
*Thanks Cassie for the new look...isn't she awesome!*

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

bye bye, adios, au revoir...


So, As you can see I am taking a little break from from the NY posts. We had a HUGE milestone last week and I thought I needed to blog about it!

Noah said goodbye to his paci and we couldn't be more happy about that! We knew it would be coming soon since he only took it at nap/bedtime, and he also started to chew holes in them. Once he would chew holes in them, he wouldn't want them anymore! After I bought my last package of them I thought to myself if he chews holes in these, this is it...I'm not buying anymore! So, we decided that after the NY trip it was time to say good bye, since he only had one left. Over the course of the trip he chewed a hole in that one, so we thought Perfect! When we got home showed him his paci and told him it was broken and laid him down that night without it. He cried for like ten minutes then fell asleep. After that he would ask for it occasionally but never got too upset about it, and he even didn't care that he didn't have it at preschool. So, that was a success and we couldn't have pictured that going any smoother then it did!

Friday, December 12, 2008

NYC, Part Two

Not only did we get to enjoy NYC at Christmastime (one word?), but we also got to enjoy a fabulous wedding! Aaron's dad preformed a ceremony at the Roosevelt for some friends of theirs (the Knighton's) and we got to tag-a-long and enjoy the evening! Noah stayed with the hotel's manager's daughter and friend back in the room and did great! I have to admit I was a little leery at first since he has never been left with strangers, but he took to the two girls right away! And since we in the same building we went in between the ceremony and reception to put him down for the night. The girl's said he did great and did even notice that we had left him! Another success!

Before the ceremony

Kim and David

Where the ceremony took place...

The reception...totally breathtaking!

The beautiful wedding cake...again...breathtaking!

This picture makes me laugh...Aaron watching the Big XII Championship at the reception on a mini TV and his phone. Boomer Sooner!

Might be a couple days before I post the next one since we are going to Abilene this weekend to have Christmas with my mom's side of the family. I know y'all are anxiously awaiting it! Ha! Have a good weekend blogger friends!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NYC, Part One

We had an awesome time in NYC this past weekend (actually Thurs-Mon). We got to hang out with Aaron's family and celebrate Christmas in NYC with them! Noah did pretty good on the trip and I am glad we took him for the experience of it all. We did learn our lesson however, that maybe we should wait a few years whenever he has no nap, no stroller, and just is a little more independent. Bundling him up everywhere we went got kind of old! Anyways, overall we had a blast and a big thanks to David and Kim and the Knighton Family for letting us have this experience. More on the Knighton's later, here are a few pics to share! I decided to break up the post, because, let's face it...I just don't have time!

Noah asleep on the plane...a success!!!

On the observation roof of Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center).

At Rockefeller pretty at Christmas time!

At FAO Schwartz...Jared and Aaron with a toy soldier.

Noah playing a little cute!

A little time without Noah. James, Jared, Kami and I on the Subway.

Again at the subway...

Me and Aaron at Central Park

Tune in tomorrow for an unbelievable wedding at our hotel, The Roosevelt.

Monday, December 1, 2008

December is upon us!

You know what that means...

New York, here we come! (on Thursday!)

Wrapping presents, pretty Christmas decorations and Christmas songs!

Nearing the end of football season :(

Celebrating Christ's birth and remembering all of the blessings in our lives!

Lots of Birthdays, including my mom's on the 3rd, Chester's on the 5th, and mine :) on the 24th!

Bundling up in the chilly weather!
Yay! My favorite month of the year is here!