Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We wanted to pass on some great news, thank you for your prayers and ask for you to continue to pray. We saw Dr. Laird, the pedo cardiologist again today and he called the check-up "very encouraging"! The fluid around the heart is now gone and it appears to be pumping "better". Also, the VSD (the large hole) appears to be "smaller" than it was and in his words "could possibly be trying to close up". The right ventricle was still slightly smaller than the left and the tricuspid valve still has a "moderate" leak. He said the words "very encouraging" several times, which made us smile...a lot. The structural defects are still there, but the heart overall seems to be functioning better.
We're in no way out of the woods yet, but he's stretched out our visits to every two weeks for now and things seem to be headed in a good direction. Thank you so much for your prayers. We ask that you continue to pray for her (and us).

Here are some pictures as of recent.  I feel very behind on updating, but this is the best I can do right now!

Noah turned 5 on the 21st and had a pirate party!

We had our Thanksgiving Feast and program at preschool.  Cohen was a turkey and wasn't really into singing in front of a large crowd!

Noah was a pilgrim and did a great job singing his song, saying his poem and playing instruments.  Still can't believe he is 5 and that this is his last year of preschool!

Our family of 4!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Christmas will be here before we know it!  Yikes!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Update on our baby girl...

We had a follow-up visit with Dr. Laird, the pediatric cardiologist and the report was not good on our baby girl's heart. The three structural issues that were identified last visit appear now to have been the result of a larger problem with the heart. In the last 5 weeks, her heart has grown "larger than it should be" and is now struggling to "squeeze" or pump normally. Some fluid has started to gather around the heart as a result of it being over-worked and in general he said "the heart looks worn out". The cause of these issues has yet to be identified. She could simply have a defective, weak heart. It could also be as simple as an infection in the heart or in her blood and the heart has been working extra hard to compensate. At this point they don't know anything and he wouldn't speculate given the wide range of possibilities. He did give me some medication that will hopefully help strengthen the baby's heart and pump more efficiently. We're meeting (hopefully tomorrow) with the same doctor who performed the level 2 sonogram to get another overall picture of the baby and her general health. This could help to pinpoint a cause of the symptoms or rule out others. We're also scheduled to meet with Dr. Laird again next Monday to check the progress on the heart.

Your continued prayers are appreciated!