Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas... with lots of pics!

Noah and Rylie

Look what all I got for Christmas! (not pictured: red wagon)

We tried to not spoil him too much since he just had his birthday ;)

Look what Santa brought me!


About to play in the paper.

Some of my favorite gifts!

Who doesn't love matching Christmas pajamas??

Okay, so these were out of order but oh well. Didn't get any pics of Christmas in Baytown so David or Kami please send me some! We had a wonderful Christmas and got to see a lot of family! It sure is good to be home though!

Noah update: Noah has been saying more and more words lately like: light, ball, uh-oh, puppy, baby, and papaw. He so cute when he says them, but it is so funny to just hear him babble like he is really trying to tell us something. He is getting closer to taking his first steps. The other night night he took a few steps holding on to his push toy. It was a proud moment for all of us!
Here are some pics I meant to post before leaving on the cruise!
Another "matching cousins" photo.
Our first official Ellis family picture.
Noah's one-year-old photo shoot.

Another one that I liked.

Well, that's all for now. Sorry to bore you with all the pictures! Hope everyone has a blessed New Year!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Love it When We're Cruisin' Together...

We had a blast on the cruise! What more can I say? Noah did great on his first cruise and we had so much fun with our families. The pictures sum it up best!

Aaron and Noah in our cabin. Noah loved playing in his crib!

Me and Aaron on the first formal night!

Noah and Daddy at dinner.

Don't I look handsome?

James and Jared

Mimi and Papaw...Noah's babysitters!

On the way to the beach in Jamaica.

Us in Jamaica.

Little Miss Emma

The boat- Carnival Conquest.

On our way to Grand Cayman.

Hard Rock Cayman. Had to take my pic with JT's suit. ;)

The kids in Cayman.
James and Aaron in front of Senor Frogs Cozumel...the loudest and most obnoxious place I have ever been to! (we didn't stay to eat)
Shopping in Cozumel...Emma took this picture!
The Ellis kids leaving Mexico.
While boarding our ship we spotted David and Kim on their balcony.
Second formal night (me and Kami).
Me and the best husband ever.

Another picture of us Noahless.

Noah with his maracas at dinner.

Noah with his Papaw.

The last dinner on the ship with Daddy.

Me and Madison.

Goofing off at dinner with Graddy.

The best dessert ever. My dad ordered it all 7 nights. Notice he is eating it in the last picture.

Cousins Leslie and Heather.

Aunt Penni and Mom goofing off at dinner.

Emma and her favorite person on the cruise...our waiter.

Well, that about sums up our cruise. I am surprised if you are still reading! I will post soon on our wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree...

Here is our Christmas tree this year! This picture was taken a few days ago. The presents have grown a little bit.

Here is one set of Noah's Christmas pajamas. Perfectly fitting for Noah.

This week will be a busy one. We will be getting ready to leave for Baytown on Saturday followed by heading to Galveston on Sunday to board our cruise. Hopefully I will post some pics of Noah this week from his 1 year old picture session.

Happy packing to me!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Noah's First Haircut and such...

Friday, I took him to get his first professional haircut. I had cut his hair before, but it was just a little trim off the top when he was like 5 months old. I took him to a Coolcuts for Kids because they have the cute little cars they can sit in and also the distraction of a movie. I was so proud of him! He barely wiggled at all and was so busy taking it all in that he didn't really notice her cutting his hair! Here are some pics!




She did such a good job, I think, and he looks like a little boy now! So cute!

This weekend was a blast! I got my Christmas decor up finally! More pics on that later. While getting those boxes out of our garage closet Aaron organized or cleaned out the closet and also the coat closet. Thanks Aaron for doing that not-so-fun project! It is always nice to drive your car into a clean garage and not a garage where the closet is throwing up boxes and junk! We hung out with my family some and watched the OU game! So fun! Also, did a little shopping! Still have not really started Christmas shopping yet, but I will get around to it sometime, I guess!

Also, today is my Mom's Birthday!! We are going out to eat tonight to celebrate. She would kill me if I told her age, so I won't! Her favorite daughter wouldn't dare do that to her! Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

December is almost here....really?

Well, I haven't blogged in a while. Thought I would catch you up. If you didn't know already Noah is one! HA! Still can't believe it! He is getting so big and so much fun! He went to the doctor on Tuesday and is a healthy BIG boy weighing in at 22 1/2 lbs and over 30 inches long! He did all of his tricks for the doctor and was brave for his two shots! He has, though, been extra fussy because he is cutting to more teeth! Yuck! That is not fun! He is also still "cruising" along the couch and we probably won't see him take his first steps for almost another month. He put two words together the other day, "Hi dada". I was proud of him but have been working hard with him to say "Hi mama"! :) Anyways, enough about Noah! Here is a picture though.

I cannot believe it almost December! I have yet to start Christmas shopping or haven't got out any decorations! I haven't been in the mood for it lately I guess. I am however getting excited about our upcoming cruise with the fam! We are going the week before Christmas with Aaron's family (mil, dil, Kami, James, Jared and some other aunts, uncles and cousins) and my family (Mom, Dad, Madi, EmK, aunt Penni, uncle Randy and Hunter. We are going to Cayman, Jamaica, and Cozumel! I am excited not only for the vacation itself but to spend time with all of these people! Should be fun!

I am excited about the weekend! Nothing but hanging out and watching a little football. Go Sooners! Oh and Noah gets his first real haircut tomorrow! I am a little nervous but it needs to be done!!!

Here are some pics of miss Rylie to end with!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Noah!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rylie is Here!

Rylie Paige Lindley was born at 2:19 am, weighing in at 5 lbs. 15 oz and 18 1/2 in. long! Mom and baby are doing great! I got to be in the room when she was born! So fun! She looks just like Emma Kate! Praise God for a healthy baby and delivery!