Monday, September 13, 2010

A little catch-up

I finally got some pictures of the boys with their teachers.  Here they are on the second day of school!

Noah with Mrs. Wendy and at his spot at the table...

Cohen and his two teachers Mrs. Heather (who is a good friend of mine!) and Mrs. Laura...He is doing awesome in the toddler class! 

And this past weekend we headed to Norman for the OU game and also stopped by to see Chaz, Bonnie, and meet precious Dean in OKC!  We loved getting to visit with them and hold sweet Dean, who slept in our arms the entire time! 

Believe it or not this was the only shot I got of us at the game.  We were melting in the heat at this point and of course, I left my sunglasses in the car!  It was fun (and a good game!) despite baking in the sun!  Thanks to Aaron's parents who gave us the tickets and to my parent's who watched the boys so we could go! 


Man, I'm ready for fall weather!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of Preschool

We survived the first day!  Noah and Cohen had awesome first days and mine went pretty well too!  Can't complain!  Didn't get a picture with their teachers but I sure will tomorrow!  As you can see it is very hard to snap a picture of the boys.  But their pictures just about sums it up!  And, yes, I know, Cohen needs a first haircut.  I was practically in denial till I saw these pics!  A first day isn't complete without Noah and his best bud, Savannah, posing for the camera!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Here are some more pictures by Mckenzie from Cohen's 1 year session!

We sure are one busy crew over here!  With preschool starting on Tuesday, we are soaking up the last of our summer!  Last night was meet-the-teacher and can I just say, that I have the most adorable class ever!  I am very excited to start the school with this precious group!  Noah and Cohen lucked out with some awesome teachers and, I am excited for them as they start preschool!  They are growing up!  Oh, and who isn't excited about college football season starting?!  We will be heading to Norman next weekend (and hopefully squeeze in some time with Baby Dean!)  for the OU/Fla St. game.  Exciting times ahead for the Ellis'!

Have a good long weekend!