Monday, November 24, 2008


Okay, lets start with Emma's Birthday! She turned 5 on Nov. 11th and had an adorable Princess Party. Cinderella even came!

Cinderella playing games with the girls and Noah (in the orange shirt)

Cinderella doing magic tricks...Emma loved this part!

Emma and the princess castle cake..too cute!

Emma with all of her friends.

Moving on to Miss Rylie's first birthday which was on November 20th. She had a PINK Princess party!

Love. this. picture.

Miss personality!

With the princess birthday hat...


And on to Noah's 2nd Birthday party! He had a really good turn out including his friends; Savannah, Amaris, Eli, Kai, Georgia and parents. And his cousins, Aunt Jevy, some great-grandparents, Nana, Graddy, Mimi and Pawpaw! It was football themed (of course) and he got a lot of awesome presents!

His yummy cupcake cake!

an overview of the party room.

opening presents!

it was game day as well so naturally...

eating cake!

Noah playing with the present we got him...he's already a little pro!

Just ignore me at the beginning of this video...I thought Aaron was taking a picture ;)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Brithday, Big Boy!

Noah is 2! Hooray!! Here is a recent video of our BIG two year old!

I will have more to post after his football party on Saturday!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby #2!!!

So, if you haven't heard...we are expecting a baby to born around June 19th, 2009! We are very excited and feel very, very blessed! Noah has no clue what is going on, but probably will the closer it gets to June.

Aaron knew that I would be taking a test at some point but didn't know when. So, on October 6th, I took it with out him knowing it so I could surprise him. The test was waiting for him in the mailbox because he always checks the mail before coming in. He came running in and was very surprised and excited!
We have been to the Dr. and everything looks great! I was glad to hear only one heartbeat (since I had a dream I heard more than one). She said since Noah was premature there will be several things we can do to help prevent that from happening again. That made me feel better. And if all goes routinely, I will have a C-section sometime the week before my due date.

Flashback to November 2006! Get ready to see a larger me!

Oh, and I have to mention that Noah will be 2 on Friday!!! I sure can't believe it. We have been practicing saying "two" and also saying "Big Boy" instead of "Baby". He still likes to be known as the baby...he is in for a BIG surprise!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

We had such a fun weekend celebrating Halloween with family. Aaron's parents were in town and Noah had a blast hanging out with his Mimi and Papaw. Noah went fishing with them for the first time and loved fishing, but not so much the fish. Halloween night my parents, sister and the girls came over as well as my Aunt Penni, Uncle Randy and Cousin Hunter. We had fun having our families at the house and a lot of fun trick or treating. I will start with a picture I tried to capture of Noah with his pumpkin, but he was more interested in Daddy mowing the lawn...

Noah with his Pawpaw in the overalls...
Noah and the girls on the trampoline before putting on their costumes...

And finally the cast of the Wizard of Oz...
Rylie as the Lion, Madison as Dorothy, Noah as the Scarecrow, and Emma as the Tin Man or Woman :)
(not pictured Chester as Toto)
They were a big hit with our neighborhood!

and with Cousin Hunter...
notice Noah isn't in the picture bc he wasn't too fond of Hunter's mask...

Hope everyone had a FUN Halloween!