Thursday, August 27, 2009

It was about time....

to change my blog!!! No more growing belly...hopefully a shrinking one! ;)

Does anyone know how I can fix my blog header to be centered? Right now it is slightly shifted to the right.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Cohen meets Kaley

Last week we got to go visit my good friend Amber and her little one Kaley. Kaley is only 4 days older! We hope to have many more visits in the future!

Love sweet!

Amber and I have been friends since kindergarten, maybe these two will be friends even longer! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

N & C

I really thought they looked identical until I got a side by side. They look more different then I thought!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For Noah

Oh, Noey you are too funny for words right now. I want to remember this age forever! 2 1/2 will not be forgotten. Things that I so adore about you right now:

-You are a chatter box!!! Your daddy and I cannot get a word in especially when we are in the car. "No, go this way!" "I want to hear music!" "I see the clouds and the sun, oh and an airplane." "Oh, hi Graddy. What you doing? Watching golf? Oh, ok, bye." (on the phone)

-You love to sing songs like ABC's, songs from Dora, and my new fave "Mighty to Save".

-You seem very ready to go potty, but mommy isn't ready to commit to that just yet!

-You love to talk to Cohen in a very high pitched voice, which is so cute in itself.

-Cohen LOVES you and laughs and smiles at the sight of you.

-You are really into playing with cars right now, which I love because it is so boyish.

-The other day you cracked me up! Mommy knew she had HGTV on too long when I heard you say, "Oh, cute bathroom!"

-You are scared of everything! Okay, not everything. You ARE scared of bugs, especially flies or anything that resembles a bug, jumping off the curb (weird), big dogs and some small dogs, and for awhile Nana and Graddy's computer room. We think it might of been the Byron Nelson picture in there?!?

-You love watching your cartoons in the morning...Dora, Curious George, and Clifford.

-You crack yourself up after saying or doing things that seem funny to you. After which you say, "That funny?"

-You bedtime prayers are so sweet! And sometimes so funny, like praying for things such as, "Elmo, Mommy's glasses, Daddy's car", etc.

We love you Noah and are so glad you are YOU!

Friday, August 7, 2009

2 Months!

Little Cohen is already two months! Yowza! Some things he is doing at two months:
-Smiling lots
-Laughing...especially with Daddy
-Cooing...we like to have conversations...he coos, i coo back, he coos some is too cute!
-He likes to be propped up sitting anywhere. He loves being able to see everything!
-Not sure how much he weighs but I feel like he has gotten big in the last month! His appt. is next week, so I guess we will find out!
-Sleeping through the night...about 8 hours!
-Nurses well, but I am in the process of weening him to a bottle since I will be going back to work (2 days a week) in a month!
I promise Noah is still around here...haha. Maybe my next post will be about our other growing boy!