Wednesday, April 30, 2008

17 Months and Counting

Noah has become increasingly messy these days. Crumbling up crackers, dumping milk out of his sippy cup on purpose, and one of his favorite things to do...smearing food in his hair after he eats. The picture above is of just that. Usually, we catch him doing it, but this what happens when you turn your back for a second or two.
Even though he has become increasingly messy, he has also become a little braver in his independence. He has taken one step a couple of times for us! This was exciting even though it was just one step, but at least we know now that he is considering walking! Of course, he would never do it for the video camera. Not yet anyways. He is also a little climber. Climbing on unpacked boxes (yes, we still haven't unpacked every box :), and is even brave enough to stand on top!
He also is saying more words of course! Some new ones are: thank you, flower, water, tree, bird, and banana (nana).
Well, that's it for now...Happy Hump Day!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy 75 Posts to Me!

Master Bath Before


Bathtub :)

Guest/ Noah's Bath Before


Noah and his ever-so-healthy cousin, Rylie...1 year and 1 day apart

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Weekend in Pictures

Noah learned a new word..."CHEESE!"

We had "date night" on Saturday night, thanks to Nana and Graddy for keeping Noah. We went to eat at Pappadeaux's and to see The Wedding Singer...the musical at Fair Park.

We had a garage sale since it was our "Community-Wide" garage sale and we actually did pretty well considering we just moved in! I did, however, missed a few spots with sunscreen and my feet and knees (not pictured) are cherry red because of it.

The kitchen is DONE (for the most part) and has been for awhile...just kept forgeting to take a picture!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Noah Update

10 Things about Noah!

1. He can show you where his nose and eyes are. He may not get it right 100% of the time, but he has some clue of where they are!

2. You can ask what a puppy says, and he goes "ra ra" very softly.

3. Every morning when he gets up, he roars at his hippo on top of his armoire like he is trying to scare him.

4. He eats all kinds of things now, but is not eating all that much since he is cutting teeth.

5. Noah never lets me feel inside his mouth to check for teeth. I found two teeth the other day, that I had no clue they were there.

6. I think he has 9 teeth right now and one on its way???

7. Still no walking...we will definitely be throwing a party when he decides he wants to do it!

8. He loves to sing!

9. I got him his first tooth brush and for awhile I couldn't get him to put it down. He has such good hygiene!

10. He loves being outside! ex. going for walks, watching Chester potty, etc.

These are Noah's Spring School Pictures! Such a big boy! Almost 17 months!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Growing Like Weeds

These were the actual weeds on the side of house. Just thought I would share the grossness of our yard, but don't worry we pulled all of them today.
Picture is a little blurry (thanks Courtney...jk) but here are some future wildcats and friends...Jed, Noah, and Savannah. Growing like weeds...wouldn't you say?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Moving Day

Noah's Room BeforeAfter

Guest Room Before (terrible picture)
Master Bedroom Before

Living Room Before

After (the blinds hadn't been put up yet)

Nasty Carpet Before

Beautiful Carpet After

So, as you can see we are pretty much done! Just a few touch ups left! Yay! Moving day is today since it is 12:24 am...better get to bed because there is a lot of moving ahead! I wanted to make sure I got these up tonight since we won't have Internet for a few days!

P.S. Yesterday, April 4th was my Dad's Birthday! Happy Birthday, I love you- thanks in advance for helping us move :)!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Kitchen before
Kitchen after
Another view before
Aaron doing some finishing touches.
We are just days away from move-in! We are moving in on Saturday...yay! Can't wait. The carpet will be put in on Friday morning, so hopefully I will have the rest of the pics for you Friday night.
Adding to that good news....Rylie is coming home tomorrow from the hospital! Yay!!! She finally fought off that nasty virus and is holding down her food! Praise God that it was not anything major!
Blessings to Everyone!