Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some Projects

For awhile I have been wanting to do something with the wall our fireplace is on. I have been noticing on some design websites, that stencils are making a comeback! So I decided to stencil the whole fireplace wall to make it more interesting and more of the focal point of the room. I found a stencil I liked from Sunny's Goodtime Paint, ordered it and it shipped very quickly! We then painted the wall blue and Aaron marked a whole grid on the wall so that it will make an exact pattern (I have a sweet hubby, don't I?)! I then stenciled the whole wall while free handing some of the design once it butted up against the mantel or ceiling. I think it turned out great!


Next, we got a new buffet/console for our TV and I knew that I needed something decorative on both sides to fill in dead space. Well, I saw on Budget Wise Home, a project in which she spray painted some vases a glossy white to get the look of white ceramic decorative vases. So, I tried using vases and bottles I already had and loved how it turned out! See below:



Just thought I would share a couple of affordable DIY projects that were a lot of fun to do!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

busy busy busy

The Ellis' are very busy these days! But, the busiest of us all has to be Cohen! He is crawling EVERYWHERE! Pulling up on EVERYTHING! Loves to get into ANYTHING! I guess that's life with an almost 10-month-old! He loves his new found freedom! Above is a video of him crawling that I took last week. Since then he has started crawling faster and longer distances. Enjoy!

{Of course that is Noah in the background singing{?} who knows what.}

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break Part II

Aaron and I had an awesome time at Horseshoe Bay Resort! We ate a lot of good food, played some tennis, ate some more, played mini golf, ate more, got massages, ate, layed out by the pool, ate some more, and just enjoyed being together without the boys. Did I mention we had some good food while there? Seriously, we ate A LOT and enjoyed some nice and quiet meal times!
The first day Aaron, the tennis pro, gave me a little tennis lesson and I really did enjoy it!

So very intense here...

Laying out by the pool working on our tans...err...sunburns!

Waiting to putt on their awesome miniature golf course. Seriously it was just beautiful!

I'm pretty sure I didn't make this putt..whoops!

My handsome husband...

Seriously, this course was just amazing!


Friday night we ventured to Driftwood to eat at a local BBQ joint that we saw featured on Man v. Food {one of our fave shows} Salt Lick! It did not disappoint! Here is some yummy meats...

Out front after we at a TON!

Such a cute place!

The last night in front of this really cool waterfall by the mini golf course...

See? It's pretty cool!

On our way out...one last pic of the hotel...

On our way out of town {Marble Falls} we stopped for the second time at The Bluebonnet Cafe for breakfast. We stopped there on the way in to have a yummy home cooked meal {AKA Chicken fried chicken, fried okra, mashed taters}. We had breakfast on the way out and it did not disappoint either!

They had yummy pie too!
The end...
We definitely enjoyed ourselves and was a nice little getaway for a few days! Hopefully it won't be another {almost} 6 years again til we get away again!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Part I of Spring Break


Saturday, March 13, 2010

In 2 days...

We {Aaron & I}...

are going on a trip by ourselves since almost 6 years ago...

without this guy...

or this guy...

but in 5 days we will be reunited again...

We. cannot. wait!! The grandparents will be stepping in to take care of the boys, while Aaron and I will be at the Horseshoe Bay Resort in Marble Falls. Going to miss the boys, but they will have lots of fun being spoiled {hopefully not TOO much} by Nana and Graddy for one night and Mimi and Pawpaw for the next two nights. BIG thanks to them for letting me and Aaron escape for awhile! We are most looking forward to sleeping since both Cohen and Noah rise early these days! I am really excited to spend some time with JUST Aaron! It's been too long! Hopefully we will come back a little more rested! Off to do laundry! Goodbye!
P.S. Cohen, Please don't do anything too exciting while we are gone! You just pulled up for the first time the other day and started crawling a little today. That's it until we get back! K?
photos by Mckenzie

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

cohen in pictures...




Photos by Mckenzie

Monday, March 8, 2010


Yep, it's that time! Cohen is 9 months old!
Remember little Noah in his camo outfit?

Cohen is wearing it now. Since he is a bigger baby he can now sorta wear some of Noah's old clothes. This make Mommy happy!

We figured out we need to move the crib down, when we saw him doing this. Yes, he can go from being on his tummy to sitting.

This isn't the best picture to demonstrate, but he can pull up to his knees!

Still not crawling, but we still dangle objects in front of him to see if he will! (He's happy rolling EVERYWHERE, so we are too.)

More Cohen facts:
-He is trying to cut four top teeth right now!
-He is still a happy little guy!
-He has recently shown some shyness around strangers.
-He wears 12 month clothes or 12-18 months.
-He weighs 21 lbs and is 29 in. tall! (55th &75th %)
-We recently found out he is allergic to mangos!
-He can now have any type of table food except nut products, berries, eggs, and shellfish.
-His helmet appt. is next Monday. Keep praying for good numbers so that he will be done!
-The other day my friend, Mckenzie, came over and took some really cute pictures of him. I can't wait to show them to you!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Been Busy

Went to ACU Sing Song...
Had annual Cousin's Valentine's Party... (this was actually before Sing Song)

Visiting with these lovely friends (& little boys)...

and ice-skating with more friends...

All the while, still praying for the Ross/Bizaillion families as they lost their dear Jenny last week. Keep praying for that sweet family.
On a much lighter note, Cohen could possibly graduate from the helmet 2 weeks from today! Pray for a rounder head by March 15th!
Thank you dear readers!