Friday, August 31, 2007

My Classroom!

Here are some pics from my is finally finished! Meet the Teacher night was a success as well. I am glad to have that over with and am ready to begin teaching my adorable twos!

My Door

My cozy corner

"Two's are Fantastic!"

"What a picnic!" (Their picture will be on the plate)

Another picture of this bulletin board. While putting up this bulletin board, it reminded me of Siggie Sing Song '06!

"Camp Duties" (That is a sleeping bag if you couldn't tell!)

Big thanks to my sister, Lindsay who had most of these ideas and helped me all week! And to my mom who went shopping with her and bought me several cute stuff!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

So, I haven't done much blogging in a couple days or reading blogs either. Some of you know that I have taken on a new job at Saturn Rd. Church with the preschool. that's right I will be teaching two-year-olds come next week. Now, I was really excited about this job bc it sounded really easy. It is only tue/thurs from like 9-2. No prob! Well, we are encouraged to decorate our classrooms which I knew I wanted to. But of course I just had to go all out and spend hours trying to make this class look great. This has become a BIG time chore because of course I can't do it half way, it has to be cute!

So, that is how I have been spending my days. I will hopefully be posting pics of it soon. Our orientation and meet the teacher is tomorrow night so it has to be done by then and I still have a lot to do! Gotta go...going to cut out some stuff for the room!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Reunion Fun!

This past weekend we had our annual Mesquite Youth Group of 2001 Reunion. We had such a blast catching up with friends and reminiscing about all the fun times we had! Here are some pics from the weekend!

Most of the class of 2001

Jevanna and I

Bonnie and I (thanks Bonnie for bringing all of those embarrassing pics)

Noah and Jed

Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Friday!

Daddy and Noah playing before bedtime.
It is funny how I still look forward to Fridays even though I am not working anymore! I guess I am excited that Aaron will be home for the next couple of days!
So, Happy Friday everyone! Can you tell I don't have much to talk about???

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

9 Months!

I cannot believe our little preemie is already 9 months! Time has flown by! He had his 9 month well-visit today and was his happy little self for the Doctor. She said he looked great and was right on target with everything. Here are some fun things about him being 9 months:
  • He can army crawl across the room. Some babies don't graduate to the hands and knee crawl, so we will see what happens!
  • When I stand him up, he can hold on to something all by himself! He hasn't pulled up on his own, but his legs are good and strong, so we should be seeing that soon!
  • He now has the green light on some table foods and meat!
  • He cut his first tooth today! I noticed at church yesterday that his gums were white on the bottom and that there was a lump. This morning I could actually feel the tooth! We haven't noticed him being fussy or anything, so he is one tough cookie, I guess!
  • Speaking of tough cookie, today at his Dr. appt. he had to get his finger pricked. He totally didn't even notice that his finger had been pricked. He was just smiling and laughing! He's such a big boy!
  • He had started majorly jabbering again. Mostly dadadada, but likes to add in every now and then: baba, gii, mama (hardly ever) and nana.
  • He is a happy boy and will clap and wave to show it!
  • He is in the 50% or above for every category, so he is right on track!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

One of the highlights of the weekend was, of course, Madison's High School Musical 2 Party. Loved the movie! I love musicals even if they contain cheesy lines and predictable plots! I forgot to take some pics at the party, but all of the girls were so cute in their HSM shirts.

Saturday morning we awoke to a pleasant surprise. That was a lie because this was about as unpleasant as it gets! Lets just say Noah figured out how to take off his diaper off and it was NOT a clean one. Saturday morning consisted of me scrubbing down his sheets, mattress cover, elephant, baby blanket, bumper and Noah himself. No, I didn't take any pictures, but it something that I don't want to remember!!! Luckily, everything turned out "as good as new". Noah wasn't a bit phased by this incident!

I had forgotten that it was going to be tax-free weekend until Aaron reminded me on Friday. He probably wishes he didn't because I was ready to get out shopping Saturday afternoon! We just browsed around at Firewheel and didn't stay out long because of the heat!

Saturday night we went and saw The Bourne Ultimatum minus Matt and Courtney! We are sad they didn't get to go and boy did they miss out! It was everything I had hoped were right Kara and Cassie! Aaron said afterwards,"They can make three more of them for all I care!" I totally agree! Loved it!

Anyways, Sunday was church, small groups and just trying to recover from a busy weekend.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Let the Baby-Proofing Begin!

Noah learned a new trick today. He "crawled" his way over to the TV and opened the doors to the DVDs. If I would have allowed him, I am sure about 2 minutes later there would have been DVDs everywhere. I guess it is time to start thinking about baby-proofing the house.

In other news; things I am looking forward to this weekend:

  • Madison's High School Musical 2 Party!
  • Seeing the Bourne Ultimatum w/ possibly Matt & Courtney!
  • A little bit of relaxing!

Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good Morning

Actually, I believe this was taken after he woke up from a nap. It makes me happy that he is so glad to see me when I come in. I love this part of my day! It cracks me up because I lay him down at the opposite end of the crib turned the other direction. He pops up his head immediately when he hears me come in. I love it!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Houston Trip

This weekend we headed to Baytown to see Aaron's parents, while going to a wedding, visiting friends and to Noah's first Astro's game. We had a blast doing all of the above as well as squeezing in some around-the-world ping pong and swimming. Noah was a great sport through it all...well sort of.

This is only picture I took at the wedding. It was a very beautiful wedding, congrats to the Grisham's! Noah did make it through the ceremony but was definitely ready to go to bed soon after that. We took turns passing him and Aaron tried driving him around in the car, to get him to go to sleep. As soon as Aaron open the passenger door, he woke up. Of course! He only lasted until 9:30. He was asleep in the car by 9:33.

This picture is honor of the upcoming season upon us. We had to snap some pics of him in his OU jammies and wearing Uncle Jerry's hat!

Here are some pics from the game. It was Noah's first Astro's game and it was a great day to go, Craig Biggio Day. We didn't stay too long bc Noah was nap deprived and not willing to watch in our seats but only 45 minutes. He did however enjoy riding in his stroller around the ballpark. We had fun anyways!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

8 1/2 Months and counting...

Since I posted Noah's "10 things about me", some things have changed. Next time I won't be so quick to brag on him about him sleeping 12-14 hrs at night. Turns out he was just recovering from our trip to Destin and had gone back to sleeping about 11 hrs at night. Oh well. His naps though are a little longer than they use to be. He takes two 2-3 hour naps a day. I have found myself being even more productive during these times. For instance, yesterday, I rearranged the furniture in our bedroom, fully-cleaned the bathroom, dusted, swept and organized closets. When I get on a kick, I can't stop!

Anyways, Noah is now a pro at eating his puffs. He has better control with his left hand so we will see if he sticks to using it. He is still working on his sippy cup. He really just enjoys banging it on the table. It seems like lately Noah hasn't be saying very many "words" like mama or dada. He is really into a "clearing the throat" kind of sound. Kind of weird. He also has been showing more progress on wanting to crawl. He pulls his legs up to his chest and lifts up off the floor with his arms straight, but not at the same time. Right now he settles for an army-like crawl. He also waved for the fist time on vacation but hasn't done it distinctly since.

Just thought I would give you a little update on our pride and joy.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Right in our own backyard!

This past weekend turned out to be better than expected! The weekend included browsing at NorthPark, cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, finally seeing Hairspray with all the girls (mom, sis, Madison and her friend), and hanging with our small group at church. But, perhaps my favorite part of the weekend was exploring our own backyard on Saturday!

A few months ago Aaron discovered a creek behind our apartments that has trails to go exploring in. We have been several times with Noah (on Aaron's back), but this was the first in awhile! It was so refreshing to be outside and to go exploring in, literally, our own backyard. Here are some pics:

Those are our apartments in the background! Anyways, we had a blast working up a sweat on Saturday!

Side Note: Hairspray was everything I had hoped it would be...loved it! Also, Aaron posted a video that he created on his blog, so, go check it out. He did a great job on proud of you!

Friday, August 3, 2007

10 Things About Noah

Everyone is doing the "100 things about me", so I thought I would do one about Noah, only instead of 100, 10 because he has only lived 8 months! Here it goes:

1. I have no teeth yet!
2. I am the happiest baby ever! (probably bc of #1)
3. I have been sleeping anywhere from 12-14 hrs! Mommy loves this about me!
4. I make Mommy and Daddy laugh when I sing in my falsetto voice.
5. I have liked every food that has touched my lips except green beans. I am open to trying them again!
6. I am currently learning how to feed myself "puffs" and drink out of a sippy cup.
7. I am somewhat lazy. I will not hold my own bottle, and if you hand me a toy I will first go for it with my mouth instead of my hands!
8. I am ticklish everywhere, but I will find any excuse to laugh!
9. It makes my daddy happy when I say "dadada". He thinks I know what I am talking about!
10. It makes my mommy happy when I rarely say "mamama". She really gets a kick out of it!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Who hasn't gone to Destin?

It seems like almost everyone I know has been to Destin or knows someone that has. This place is perfect for families and has the prettiest white sand and clear green waters! It gets better every time I go!

We just got back from Destin with my family on Sunday. We had such a great time and didn't want it to end! For the first time in awhile we drove to Florida, road trip style. I was a little worried about how Noah would do, since he can barely last on a 4 hour road trip to Houston! He did great though! He only got fussy a few times and it was always right when we were about to make a stop!

Anyways, Aaron and I had a blast hanging out with my family (Mom, Dad, Lindsay, Madison, and Emma). We had a very nice condo right on Miramar Beach, which made it easy for Noah's napping and eating schedule. My Dad is not a big beach person, so we had a built-in baby sitter when Noah was napping! We spent most of our days on the beach and at the pool, and a few days Aaron and my Dad played golf. The nights included some great shopping, great restaurants, miniature golf, and playing games before bedtime.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

This our condo, The Crescent. Definitely would reccommend it!

This is Noah's first encounter with wet sand. It took him a little while to get used to the water rushing up onto his feet!

Speaking of Feet!

The girls having some playtime with Noah

Aaron and Madison playing in the ocean!

Madison burrying Unkie. What a great uncle!

Noah sporting his cool sunglasses!

Me, doing a crossword!

Waiting for our table..doesn't Lindsay look thrilled?

Noah in front of a shark at The Commons.

He liked the beach better the second go-round!

Aaron looking very muscular with Noah in the pool!

This was the beach on the last pretty!

Us on the last day :( His shirt says, "I swam with a shark in Destin"...too cute!